The Easy Way to Get Your Cacao On

Enjoy our delicious, organic drink mix. It's simple -  just add hot water, stir and enjoy.

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Unlike coffee, cacao is activated by theobromine which naturally energizes you by opening up your blood vessels and your heart. Replace addictive caffeinated drinks for a non-addictive, antioxidant packed, superfood drink. 


Drink up confidently, knowing that all our ingredients are chemical and pesticide-free. 


A vegan, organic and kid-friendly alternative to hot chocolate. Say goodbye to hidden ingredients and yes to a healthy, yummy drink for the whole family. 



Taste of Heaven

What’s not to love about this drink? It’s amazing. Only three ingredients?! It’s delicious. I’ve been trying to cut coffee out and finally discovered HeartBuzz. You can combine it with either hot water or warm almond milk. Both taste great! Definitely recommend and definitely going to order more!


So yummy!

I loooove this cacao mix! I’ve been wanting to cut coffee for awhile now but I’m such a coffee drinker and was having a hard time letting it go...
Well, one cup of this and I didn’t even miss my coffee! And not just that, but I didn’t even have any withdrawals this time, which is crazy!
I love that this isn’t overly sweetened because I can add it to my banana and coconut smoothies and it’s just perfect, or I also mix it with warm almond milk and a tad bit of honey and it totally replaces that morning coffee craving! Looking forward to trying other combinations with this! Maybe iced cacao latte??? :)



I am not a coffee drinker because it makes me feel so out of it. I’m always trying to find other sources of energy to keep me up. I tried this instant cacao drink and was instantly impressed! It is so creamy and the small amount of coconut sugar and coconut milk are a perfect addition so I don’t really need to add any sweetener. I just add some vanilla almond milk and it’s perfect! 10/10 recommend :)


Our Promise to You

"What does HeartBuzzCo. Instant Cacao Drink Mix consist of?" - You.

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Premium Raw Cacao

Our organic cacao powder is made from the finest cacao beans and has a decadent and full-bodied chocolate flavor. 

+ All-natural

+ Completely raw

+ Organic

+ Non-heated

+ Fair Traded

+ Sustainably sourced from Ecuador

+ Cold pressed

Coconut Sugar

Organic, natural, brown and unrefined Sugar from Mature Coconuts.

Did you know Coconut sugar is one of the most sustainable sources of sweeteners in the world?!

Coconut Milk

Rich with vitamins and minerals, our Organic + Non-GMO coconut Milk is extracted from the flesh of mature coconuts. 

Making our Cacao Drink Mix Dairy Free while still being yummy and creamy!

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